Applicant Tracking

Track every action, from pre-application to job offer.


Applicant Tracking

Track every action, from pre-application to job offer.

No more spreadsheets

LANDED ATS streamlines and automates various recruitment tasks, from posting job openings to managing candidate data, which significantly reduces administrative burdens.

LANDED centralizes an easily accessible database of candidate information, making it simpler to maintain compliance with data protection regulations and enhancing the overall candidate experience. In contrast, spreadsheets can become unwieldy and error-prone, open to data breaches.

Transparent and accountable hiring

LANDED Hiring Software tracks all communication between recruiters and candidates through a comprehensive communication log.

Streamline communication and maintain a comprehensive record of candidate interactions for future reference and compliance purposes.

Record and store emails, messages, notes, and other interactions in a centralised location, providing a complete history of communication throughout the recruitment process.

Analytics & analysis

Tracking applicant activity and interest in advertised jobs is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of your recruitment marketing efforts. 

Make data-driven decisions, improve candidate engagement, and ultimately optimise the success of your recruitment campaigns.

LANDED provides real-time reporting on various recruitment metrics, such as job views, applicant sources, time-to-fill, and candidate demographics.

Talent pool pipeline

Building a talent pool or pipeline is of paramount importance in today’s competitive job market.

LANDED allows you to create and maintain a well-organized database of potential candidates. This database can be easily searched and filtered based on various criteria, making it effortless to identify and reach out to candidates when suitable job openings arise.

Enhancing your recruitment capabilities and foster long-term success in talent acquisition.


❝LANDED enables us to build an easy to access talent pool for future hires. Tag applicant by skill set & match them to new requisitions, reducing the need to go back to market