Reduce Time to Hire


LANDED can reduce your overall time to hire and onboarding. Get the people you want behind their desk faster. With online advertising, automated screening, bespoke skills testing and video interview you can reduce the time it takes to reach and assess applicants. You will identify top talent faster and connect with them immediately to ensure you don't miss out on hiring the best by taking too long to invite them to interview.

With multi recruiter access you can share hiring decisions. Invite colleagues from other locations to view applicants video interviews and make their comments. No need to co-ordinate diaries, book meeting rooms or conference calls. Simply make joint hiring decisions faster.

Applicants will be impressed with the turnaround of their application, even if it isn't the decision they want. Instant email updates on application status when you make a decision will ensure that all applicants are informed along the hiring journey and the time recruiters spend on admin will dramatically reduce, leaving recruiters free to do what they do best, find talent for your organisation.