A prolonged application process with poor communication will lead to higher levels of candidate drop-offs. One of those drop-offs might just be the best fit for the position you’re advertising. Unless you’re prepared to put the time and effort into communicating effectively with prospecting candidates then you might just be fooling yourself.


We understand that recruitment can be a very stressful process. By the time you have reached the fourth round of interviews and your strongest applicants have lost interest, you would be forgiven for feeling slightly frustrated. But it’s also stressful for the applicants too.

We have good news though. There is always a way to not only help your own sanity levels and keep your applicants engaged.

The answer is communication.

Communication is key

Today’s talent won’t spend longer than 15 minutes on submitting a job application. You might be posting your roles and pursuing your preferred candidates with superior results, but do you ever wonder what might have been? What if your preferred candidate got frustrated halfway through the application process and moved on to another job application? Can you afford to lose out?

Don’t ignore

To remedy this, it’s important to think of ways that will streamline your process. Poor communication is unacceptable in 2018 and is a bug bearer to candidates. If they don’t receive an automated response from the application process they will get quite annoyed and it’s completely understandable. More often than not, when people are applying for a new job, they might be applying for more than one and it can become a very frustrating time. Don’t add to the frustration and ignore their application.

A significant amount of work, money and stress can be saved by streamlining your communication process with prospective applicants. By reconstructing your communication process and keeping in touch with your applicants throughout the entire process.

Consistent Contact

By keeping up consistent contact with candidates you will ensure that your organisation is keenly interested, which will, in turn, keep them interested.

There are a number of reasons why clear and consistent contact is so critical in the recruitment process. Some of them include:

  • It keeps everyone involved in the hiring process involved in all decisions
  • You can keep your applicant engaged throughout the application stage, interview process, hiring discussions and if/when they want feedback
  • It will keep your reputation untarnished
  • You will lose fewer candidate

Stay consistent with your communication

How can LANDED help?

LANDED will help you maintain contact with your candidates as well as recording all contact on the platform within the candidates’ profile. With our software, candidates will receive automated responses during the entire application process. This will benefit your HR department as well because they will have more time to focus on engaging with the talent that’s already in your recruitment funnel. Over three-quarters of employers believe that an ATS makes the challenge of hiring talent easier.

The features offered by LANDED such as our pre-configured e-mail templates can be reviewed and altered on a regular basis and branded/personalised with your own company logo. Candidates understand that in many cases today’s recruitment processes are automated but adding an individualised touch enhances their view of your organisation.

LANDED is also fully mobile optimised offering a mobile responsive recruitment process which is essential in today’s marketplace to create a positive candidate experience. 75% of internet use is now via a mobile device. Candidates can search, view and apply from their mobile device which offers full functionality for hiring managers and candidates.

Delays can happen if internal communications between hiring managers and their in-house recruitment teams do not run smoothly. To streamline the candidate experience, that internal communication is essential.

Well informed hiring managers ensure a smoother hiring process. With LANDED hiring managers can be sent automated messages throughout the process to minimise those delays and reduce workload.

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