There are a few different types of CEOs in the world – those who trust their team blindly and develop a lack of awareness, or those who micromanage their staff to an overpowering level.

However, there is a perfect point in between those two extremes that CEOs are being encouraged to be aware of. The fastest way to lose valuable members of your team is to micromanage them.

Slow suffocation

The last thing you want to do is drive away talented members of staff, due to micromanagement.

Experts have said that employers cannot buy loyalty, and that it must be earned. In today’s highly competitive market, employers must earn loyalty to retain good members of staff. Here are a few basic steps to earning loyalty: 

  1. Encourage autonomy
  2. Foster trust
  3. Create a culture of effective communication and feedback
  4. Support your people to reach their goals as well as yours
  5. Create baby steps/goals to create new habits

Learn to trust just the right amount

A sure-fire way to fail as a leader, is to either trust your staff so much so that you lose all awareness or micromanage. Great managers and leaders will know exactly what it takes to get the approach just right. Here are a few steps, according to Forbes, that will help you explore that:

  1. Identify your go-to style
  2. What is working and what is not
  3. Ask for and listen to feedback
  4. Be intentional in making changes

Give them ownership

When you give people ownership of their own work, they will more than likely appreciate the trust you are putting in them and work that bit harder. They will stay invested in their work, and work much more efficiently towards their goals.

If your employees have constructive feedback about what’s going on in the office, you should take these comments seriously. This will not only help other members of staff but will also help you create an inviting and inspiring work environment. Your team members will appreciate the trust and will be excited about their projects.  

The biggest mistakes

  • 82% said not providing appropriate feedback was the biggest problem
  • Failing to listen or involve others was close behind at 81%
  • A follow-up study conducted by The Ken Blanchard Companies and Training magazine found that leadership communication issues continue to persist.
  • 28% said they rarely or never discuss future goals and tasks with their boss, even though 70% wished they did.
  • 36% said they never or rarely receive performance feedback, even though 67% wished they did.
  • In a newly developed first-time manager curriculum, Blanchard identifies four skills and four conversations all managers need to master.

Essential communications skills:

  • Listen to learn
  • Inquire for insight
  • Tell your truth
  • Express confidence

Essential management conversations: 

  • Goal setting
  • Praising
  • Redirecting
  • Wrapping up


How can LANDED help you find the perfect approach?

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