Like any industry, trends within recruitment are constantly changing. However, there are a few that stick around year after year. We have picked our top 6 trends that will continue to evolve throughout the year. Let’s have a look…

Trend 1
Employer Branding

Highlight what makes your company unique and speak to your potential candidates like they’re potential customers. It’s all about branding, branding and more branding.

Hiring the right person is critical to your brand and your brand is just as important in the recruitment process. It’s not about just finding someone to fill the role. It’s about finding that person who fits well with your culture and who can excel in his or her duties.

Differentiate yourself. Show why you’re different from every other company that throws out a list of duties and responsibilities. Show off your personality. What can you offer? Promote your culture and promote your benefits. LANDED’s digital dashboard has everything you need to keep pace with the ever-changing world of online recruiting & talent attraction.

Trend 2
Social Recruiting

One thing you should also keep in mind is that social media gives unseen benefits too like brand building, not just employer branding but also the company and product brand, every potential applicant is a potential customer? Social media can enable any company to turn strangers into the social audience and social audiences into applicants and potential employees. When posting on social media it is vital that you use a visual aid as well as written content.

Clear images will grab someone’s attention much more effectively than a large chunk of text.  Sell the idea of working for your company and the benefits, good news stories, promotions, team events, recruiting via social media doesn’t have to be all about posting job adverts. Landed help by providing you with an instant link to use social media channels to reach out to candidates. This allows you to go beyond written job descriptions and use video job descriptions, video testimonials from current employees, and even live streams from the office or company events.

Trend 3
Mobile First

Increased recruitment advertising and changes to Google’s search process increase the likelihood that a candidate’s first interaction with your open position will be on their phone. With this in mind, make sure your job description is mobile-friendly and easy to read.

When recruiting these days, you cannot afford to ignore the fact that candidates are increasingly viewing job ads and applying for roles via mobile devices. Try to meet applicants halfway on this. First, ensure that the careers page on your website is fully optimised for mobile devices. Test your current system by trying to apply for a role using a phone yourself. Then make adjustments to make this process as easy as possible.

74% of Job Seekers ‘try’ to use mobiles when applying for jobs. It’s really important to have mobile responsive applications. Make sure that any images you post are mobile-friendly and consider keeping the text short to encourage phone scrollers to stop and read.

Trend 4
Create a Great Candidate Experience

People define candidate experience in many ways. But in short, it is the collective results of all engagements and interactions that you have with candidates during the entire marketing and hiring process. Regardless if it’s technology-based or personal interaction, one thing that ties these two together is communication. Communication, or lack thereof, may make the difference between whether the applicant accepts a job offer or declines it. The interaction you create also says a lot about your organisational culture and gives people a window into your company. You always want to make a great first impression.

The best recruiters we have worked with, both past and present, have always provided candidates with consistent communication, whether the news was good, bad or ugly. LANDED provides a positive experience for the applicant from the moment they view the vacancy right through to hiring.

Trend 5
Have a Careers Site on your Website

In the candidate driven market we are currently in; the best talent can be very particular about who they want to work with. You should be using your career site to show off your consistency as a brand with company images/values to prospective job seekers.  Why pay to post your job listings on another site when you can do it for yourself? Online job listings can cost between £150 to £500 per job. Posting in newspapers or publications also costs money for the same reach and time. Cut costs and advertise across your own site and social media platforms, and as an added extra it will bring more traffic on to your website.

Most recently LANDED helped save a client 60% on their cost of hire in just one year proving how powerful our platform is!  By collaborating with LANDED and posting the job listing on your website, you could potentially speed up the time-to-hire by 70%. You can contact candidates immediately and directly or have us contact them on your behalf.

Trend 6
The Importance of Company Culture & Diversity when Recruiting

In 2019, your organization needs to have a company culture that makes everyone feel welcome and provides equal opportunities for advancement.  What happens if you don’t do these things? As you’ve seen, it will become easier for other companies to recruit your talent in the coming year.

Companies now see the importance to cast the widest net possible for new talent. The biggest hurdle faced by businesses attempting to recruit from a diverse pool of talent is, it seems, inherent and often unconscious bias. Recruiters who are using traditional tools such as CVs to select who to interview could be rejecting highly capable individuals as a result. And it’s something that needs to be addressed from a business – if not ethical – standpoint.

Technology is altering how you source and hire, LANDED helps organisations overcome unconscious bias and build more diverse and inclusive workforces.

LANDED takes the principles and processes of modern marketing & online applicant tracking and screening to deliver a complete talent acquisition solution for companies who want to build strong employer brands and reach the best talent.  LANDED will give you access to download and create Demographic Monitoring Reports (FEC) with a click of a button. This cuts down admin time & costs and helps streamline the whole process and help you build a highly diverse team.

From all of us at LANDED, Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you in 2019.