I am sure we have all been there – we found a job we’d love, sent off the application pack and never heard from the company again. We must assume they either died of shock at how good our CV was, or that we weren’t successful for the position.

Be respectful

It happens all the time in the world of recruitment but in today’s climate, it’s unacceptable. As an employer, you must take the time to thank applicants for their time and reject them respectfully.

When done right, it helps you build a positive brand for your company and build a healthy talent pipeline in the process. The applicant might not be suitable for this position, but they could be perfect for one in the future.

Why is it so important?

The way you turn down candidates might shape their lasting impressions of your company. Effective communication during your rejection process improves your employer brand and will help you hire qualified candidates faster in the future.

Candidates might not be right for one role but could be a perfect match for something you have coming up in the future. Turning them off your brand by not communicating effectively could mean you’ll lose them as a potential candidate in the future.

Not only that but if a candidate has taken the time to fix up their CV, fill in an application form or attend an interview, it’s only polite to let them know the outcome. It could save you time in the long run, as you won’t have to spend time answering calls or emails from candidates following-up.

If you’re really polite, you could also add some constructive criticism on why they didn’t fit the current role. They’ll really appreciate the feedback and will remember your brand in the future.

When is the right time?

You don’t need to wait until the post has been filled to send out rejection emails and feedback to other applicants. You can give candidate feedback as soon as you know the person isn’t right for the role.

Nine times out of ten, an employer knows at the end of an interview if the person isn’t suitable for the position. Don’t hesitate to contact them the next day and tell them the bad news. Not only will the person really appreciate the quick response, but they will also be able to move on with their job hunt.

How can LANDED help you?

We understand that it might be time-consuming to send out rejection emails and feedback, especially if the position was particularly popular. But with our world-class ATS software, we can save you time and do it all for you.

On occasion, you are going to come across applicants who are good, but just not quite right for the role right now. Rather than rejecting them out-right, you can offer to pool their information and tag their application with a specific skill.

Talent Pool Pipeline (Candidate CRM)

Once placed in a talent pool, applicants will be easy to locate via a talent search when you need them. The applicant is happy that you haven’t ruled them out completely and your hiring managers will feel confident that you are building a solid pipeline of talent for future hires.

We also have rejection email templates for you to edit and personalise at any given time. These can be automated to give the candidate a quick response to give the candidate a quick response all contributing to a positive applicant experience.