Landed have witnessed first-hand the changes in how we reach and interact with talent over the last 20 years. To say the process has changed is an understatement. Here is a measured insight into this perceived game changer in the battle for the best talent.

Why is Diversity Important when Recruiting?

Diversity Covers these main areas:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion & Disability

Companies now see the importance to cast the widest net possible for new talent. The biggest hurdle faced by businesses attempting to recruit from a diverse pool of talent is, it seems, inherent and often unconscious bias. Recruiters who are using traditional tools such as CVs to select who to interview could be rejecting highly capable individuals as a result. And it’s something that needs to be addressed from a business – if not ethical – standpoint. It is proven that you get better innovation, performance & business outcomes from a diverse group of people.

Advances in technology and the tools used by recruiters traditionally are outdated, inefficient and biased therefore it is crucial to adopt ‘Next Generation Hiring Technology’.

Technology is altering how you source and hire, LANDED helps organisations overcome unconscious bias and build more diverse and inclusive workforces.

How Technology & Innovative Hiring Software can help you reduce bias in your process & create the most ‘Diverse Team’ possible

Firstly you can create online assessments that will instil best practice across all your hiring team. These bespoke application tests for candidates will include psychological tests and video interviews. Rank and rate applicants according to skills & qualifications. It will help you get to the heart of what people are really like. Also, you can set assessment criteria for hiring managers to follow across your organisation.

You can also create an equal playing field with interview templates to be shared with hiring managers ensuring consistent interview experience for all candidates applying for the same role in various locations.

Collect structured employment monitoring data for compliance and process measurement. With LANDED all monitoring information is stored in the admin dashboard. It’s never shown on an applicant’s personal record and can only be accessed by the company appointed monitoring officers.

Video interviews 

Perhaps one of the most prevalent “diversity technology” shifts we have seen is a steep rise in the adoption of Video Interviewing. Smartphones generally come with camera’s and this opens up the opportunity for companies to try video interviews. It allows assessors to physically see candidates earlier on in the recruitment process.

Reduce time-to-hire by getting good applicants on video ASAP for a quick first stage screening interview. Within the first few minutes, you will know if he or she is a good fit for the job. It helps you get to the heart of what people are really like. This can be hugely beneficial to enhancing a diverse candidate experience as well as ensuring messaging is targeted to specific diverse cohorts.

This is becoming a major staple of the modern pre-screen process, and in many ways, suits both parties. You are assessing the suitability of a candidate quickly in terms of their communication skills, personality and fit for the role. In turn, the candidates don’t have to leave the comfort of their home for an interview. They will have no need to make excuses to get out of work for an interview. And they will have no need to use annual leave allowances to take a full day off and travel.

Video interviews are a fantastic tool for assessing talent, bringing the applicant to life and lifting them off the page. Video interview means that bias-led decision making can be better managed. Also, rather than hiring managers reading typed up notes from recruiters from the first stage of the interview, they too can see the candidates response on the screen to questions. This means we can involve the perspectives of more diverse individuals earlier on in the process.

Benefits of diversity-hiring 

Organisations that embrace diversity-hiring benefit from a larger talent pool than those who don’t. Their vacancies will gain interest from a wider range of candidates. This is because more people can relate to people from different backgrounds.

Using diversity to create pools of talent that can drive the business forward, employees who feel that they’re accepted and appreciated for who they are no matter what their gender, age or ethnic background are happier. And the happy staff are more productive and less likely to leave prematurely.

When people from all walks of life come together, beautiful things happen. The combination of different experiences, working styles, and (cultural) backgrounds sparks new ideas and collaboration. This seems obvious and is similar to why diversity-hiring leads to a larger talent pool. If your brand is known for its diversity, it will appeal to many different customers, candidates and potential business partners. And as such, hiring for diversity will help you better understand your customers’ needs. The more diverse your workforce is, the greater the chances are that your employees will be able to cater to individual customer needs.

Diversity hiring

Diversity hiring

The above quote from Deloitte illustrates the importance of having a highly diverse organisation.  Hiring diverse teams is not only the right thing to do but has been linked to better business metrics.

How can LANDED help?

LANDED are very familiar with the issues surrounding fair employment monitoring obligations as in Northern Ireland we are obligated to employ people fairly in terms of religion.  This means keeping a record of applicants community background as well as gender, race, etc. We have developed our bespoke platform to allow HR users to monitor their applicants fairly and produce reports in order to build the most diverse team possible.

LANDED can help you build unique hiring funnels for every hire – we are a process driven recruitment platform which helps you find the perfect match.

LANDED takes the principles and processes of modern marketing & online applicant tracking and screening to deliver a complete talent acquisition solution for companies who want to build strong employer brands and reach the best talent.

LANDED clients have full control of their own bespoke dashboards, and throughout their hiring process they can create interactive, attractive & mobile optimised recruiting campaigns to attract the best talent in the market.

With LANDED all monitoring information is stored within the admin dashboard, never on an applicant’s personal record and can only be accessed by the company appointed monitoring officers.

LANDED will give you access to download and create Demographic Monitoring Reports (FEC) with a click of a button. This cuts down admin time & costs and helps streamline the whole process and help you build a highly diverse team.



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