You’ve spent a long week interviewing what you thought were worthwhile candidates, whittled it down to a few fantastic prospects and offered a second interview. After a few more in-depth questions, you know you have found the perfect person for the position. But what if they reject your offer?

Job offer letters are often thrown together at the last minute, but they play a fundamental role in the lengthy recruitment process. Just when you thought the hiring procedure was over you still need to put time and effort into creating a job offer letter that they’ll never refuse.

The job offer letter can work in two ways – either you will solidify your existing relationship with the candidate and generate excitement for their new position. Or you’ll damage the candidate’s experience thus far and instil confusion in them about the position they have applied for.

Create a show-stopping job offer letter with LANDED

Stand out from the crowd

Have you ever considered the candidate that’s perfect for your company, might be perfect for someone else? You need to create a job offer letter that stands out from the crowd. Tell them how amazing they are, congratulate them and let them know they will fit right in within your organisation. Don’t hold back.

Not only will you want to congratulate them and make them feel excited about the offer, but you will want to answer any crucial questions they may have clearly and concisely. The job offer letter is the perfect opportunity to clarify expectations and ensure everyone is on the same page.

What can LANDED do to help?

Some of the essential elements of LANDED’s fully automated job offer email that you can customise include:

  • Name
  • Currency type
  • Salary
  • Company name
  • Company branding
  • Start date
  • Location
  • Contact name and number

With LANDED, we can help you create consistent and professional recruitment communication templates. Our digital offer letter tools will allow you to create, send, receive, review, sign and return digital offer letters safely and securely.

We have 8 different templates available that are completely customisable. You can add your own branding, all the specific company and job details including salary, job specification etc. The templates we can offer include:

  • Invite to Text questions
  • Invite to on-site interview
  • Successful application and job offer
  • Vacancy withdrawn
  • Regret not shortlisted
  • Shortlisted
  • On hold
  • Regret after interview
landed job offer templates

Our carefully crafted templates are ready and waiting for you to use


How to make the job offer

After you have created your offer letter, you’ll want to send it out as soon as possible. In today’s competitive market, the candidates you want are often wanted by someone else too. Move quickly and the candidate will respect your efforts.

Follow up

If the candidate accepts, great! Finalise all the job details and forward on any documentation they need to fill out or start-up packs if necessary. Discuss salary and working conditions before finalising an employment agreement.

If the candidate declines, you should follow up with a candidate experience survey, to find out why. They might be able to share some relevant information that could help you in the future.

If you want to find out how LANDED can help you create a fool-proof job offer letter, along with other branded and customisable communication materials get in touch with us today.

Our friendly Client Account Manager, Lauren, would be happy to show you how we can create solutions to your recruitment problems and save you time and money in the long run. Click here to schedule a free demo or sign-up for a 14-day free trial today.

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