When you’re writing job descriptions, you want to create excitement from the get-go and entice the right candidates to apply.

To hire the right talent, you need to make sure you are writing the right job description. If the description isn’t right, you might as well be wasting your time and you could end up with the wrong person.

To eliminate the stress and wasted time, you need to make sure you are dedicating time and effort to write the descriptions of the position thoughtfully, so it’s easily understood, not only by candidates but by recruiters as well.

A job description can draw in hordes of fantastic candidates, but it could also attract a few unqualified applicants.

More often than not, hiring managers write job descriptions based on the skills they are searching for, rather than looking for talent. What’s the difference? A skill is a learned competency which anyone can learn. A talent is much more rare and valuable. You are looking for talent, not just skills.

What is a job description?

Definition: A written statement about a specific position inside an organisation. It will list the purpose, duties and working conditions of the role along with the skills, background and traits needed. It might include:

  • The job’s title
  • Who they will report to
  • Who the position oversees
  • Skills, abilities, education and experience required to perform the role
  • Names of departments, teams, projects, committees or regions involved
  • Work hours, availability or travel required
  • A description of workplace conditions
  • A salary range pay grade or list of benefits the position is entitled to

How to attract the best talent

The main objective of a job description is to convert qualified job seekers into applicants. You must make it exciting and interesting enough to draw the attention of job seekers, and you should have your target audience in mind when creating it, along with the action you want them to take.

Here are a few top practices and copywriting techniques that will help you create a really interesting and persuasive job description:

  • Get descriptive with the job title
  • Structure it to persuade with good copywriting and action verbs
  • Write it as you would say it – be relaxed and friendly
  • Talk about ‘you’ not ‘we’
  • Turn features into benefits
  • Format it for a breezy read
  • Make the next step easy
  • Ask your team for feedback and take it on board

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