People define candidate experience in many ways. But in short, it is the collective results of all engagements and interactions that you have with candidates during the entire marketing and hiring process.

A lot of these interactions are technology driven; like your career site, job postings and social media interactions. However, there are other interactions which are much more personal, such as face-to-face interviews.

Regardless if it’s technology based or a personal interaction, one thing that ties these two together is communication.

Communication, or lack there of, may make the difference between whether or not the applicant accepts a job offer or declines it. The interaction you create also says a lot about your organisational culture and gives people a window into your company. You always want to make a great first impression!

The best recruiters we have worked with, both past and present, have always provided candidates with consistent communication, whether the news was good, bad or ugly.

How can LANDED help your interactions?

  • With the help of LANDED, you can reach much more applicants instantly with a fully mobile optimised careers page and fully optimised applicant portal.
  • Can reach more applicants social media and online advertising.
  • LANDED provides a positive experience for the applicant from the moment they view the vacancy right through to hiring.

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