The recruitment process has evolved immensely over the last decade and has benefited from the digital revolution more than most industries. Long gone are the days of hand written application forms and the HR department spending hours reading through CVs and monitoring forms to find the right candidate.

From online profiles to mobile friendly applications, everything is now done on the world-wide-web and continues to develop – but are you up to date with the changing times?

By knowing about the latest innovations in recruiting, you can find the best candidates in the least amount of time. Here at LANDED we have come up with a complete guide on how recruiting in 2018 has changed and how our services can really help you find the perfect person.

Go Social

Ten years ago, the recruitment process hadn’t tapped into the world of social media and the power it has when it comes to finding the best talent. Facebook was just a social platform for people to stay connected and catch up, Twitter was only used by ‘hipsters’ and Instagram was just a thought. Nowadays, everything has changed, and companies are looking towards social media sites to find the best possible talent to fill their latest vacancies. According to Jobvite’s 2016 Job Seeker Nation Study, 67% of job seekers used Facebook to find new positions.

You should never let quality candidates slip through the cracks by maintaining a poor social media presence. Not only can you advertise on these platforms, but you can also conduct research, track down jobs and see what your competitors are doing.

LANDED will easily link your website to all your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Let us help you expand your search and attract more applicants who match your job specification.

Digital communication

More and more people are applying for jobs from their mobile phone, so it is crucial your application process has been optimised for mobile devices or you could be losing out on prospective applicants. With the help of LANDED, we can instantly mobilise your hiring process, with a branded applicant portal that companies can engage with and connect with talent instantly.

You should be advertising your jobs on major job boards via social media, as well as offline with the use of QR codes, which LANDED can help you do. We will connect your ATS to over 800 major free and paid for jobs boards including Monster, Totaljobs, Indeed, Jobsite and Reed.


In the past, tracking the recruitment process was a long and laborious task with spreadsheets and manual work. In 2018, everything is automatically tracked and monitored, giving you the opportunity to use your time and money much more effectively.

We will track each channel to see how your advertising campaigns are performing. You will be able to evaluate and measure which channels are doing great, and which need more work.

Talent pool

There are a lot of talented people out there, and while someone might not be suitable for the position you have on offer at the minute, you never know how they could benefit your company in the future.

LANDED will screen and select applicants with an innovative and customisable recruitment process funnel. We can cut out time and hassle by letting you decide how you screen and filter applicants by their skill set, video interviews or auto selection to get to the right candidate as quickly as possible. We are here to help you make smarter, faster hiring decisions.

As an added extra, we can create a Talent Pool for your future reference. This will have several people who have certain skills or experience which relate to your company, so that if a position comes up in the near future, you can cut the screening process in half and contact that person directly.

Monitoring forms

Diversity is key in 2018 and you want to ensure you are representing the entire community in your business.

Using monitoring forms are a vital step within the recruitment process and in the past, someone would have had to have screen these manually one-by-one. This was not only wasting a lot of time, effort and money but would have been an incredibly boring task for someone in your HR department.

In 2018, we have created a platform which instantly screens these forms and divides them out into different sections depending on what box they have ticked, speeding up the process and leaving you more time to delegate to other important tasks.

Be Personal

Recruitment marketing and building a lasting impression with your potential employees is also a vital part in the entire process.

You will be able to create engaging and exciting careers pages along with bespoke application forms using your own branding in a matter of minutes with our platform. Use these to instantly advertise your vacancies on your website and the jobs will automatically sync with your ATS. They will also automatically be removed when the job application expires from your website.


LANDED will make your recruitment process easy by offering you a simple five step process that will take the hassle out of searching for and screening new applicants. We will help you create your vacancy campaign, advertise across multiple media channels, invite applicants to apply via your branded and secure online application portal, screen and select with your secure ATS dashboard and finally, hire the best applicant.

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