Replacing spreadsheets with an Applicant Tracking System can have a lot of benefits

Many HR teams still rely heavily on spreadsheets to record information on job applicants. This method is slow and cumbersome and is becoming more and more out of date compared to the latest hiring software that is available today.

The best candidates are in demand, so you can really miss out on some great talent for your business by having slow, ineffective recruitment processes. Great applicants will be quickly hired by companies with concise and comprehensive hiring procedures, particularly those that make good use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Companies bring in specialist software for other areas of business – so why not do the same for recruitment and HR?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using an ATS, rather than spreadsheets, when it comes to recruitment.

Applicant Tracking System – Reduce Admin

Updating spreadsheets can be very time-consuming for HR and recruitment teams. The fact that the spreadsheet is often updated by different people means that there can be several different versions containing different information.

An ATS acts as a central hub for all hiring data. It can ensure that changes are consistent for every member of the team and that the system is always up to date. Common processes can also be automated, reducing the time and effort needed to manage data.

Applicant Tracking System – Reduce Time to Hire

As using a spreadsheet-based hiring system can be slow for recruiters, this inevitably has an impact on the timescale of recruiting. Candidates will not be impressed if they have to wait an unreasonable amount of time for information. They may even find another role during the wait.

An ATS can dramatically cut down on the time need to update information. It enables you to automatically track, screen and interview applicants faster than having to update a spreadsheet.

Applicant Tracking System – Enhance your Employer Brand

Providing a speedy response to applications is an excellent way to build your brand as a recruiter. It shows candidates that your company is reliable and consistent and may help to convince them that your company would be a good place to work.

Applicants really appreciate being kept in the loop, so that they know they are still in with a shot. Even those who are rejected will feel positive about their experience so long as there has been some personalised communication.

Applicant Tracking System – Build a Strong Talent Pipeline

It can prove to be extremely difficult to create a Talent Pool using a collection of spreadsheets. Just imagine keeping different spreadsheets for candidates that you think may be good for a future role, others who are ‘not right now’ applicants and all the other variables.

A good ATS makes the process of building a strong talent pipeline a lot easier. It will allow you store and search by skills so you can nurture applicants for future job opportunities.

Applicant Tracking System – Compliance

Spreadsheets are a particularly poor tool for ensuring data protection compliance. It can be easy for an error on a spreadsheet to have serious legal and financial ramifications on your business.

This is particularly true when it comes to the GDPR which comes into effect in May 2018. It is crucial that HR and recruitment teams get proper processes in place for how they plan to handle the data of EU residents.

An ATS can prove invaluable when it comes to compliance. It can automate processes for obtaining consent and make it easy to edit or delete data upon request.


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