Could Video Interviews replace face to face interviews one day?

Face-to-face interviews continue to be one of the standard elements of any job application. But are they less important in the internet age than they once were?

With modern technology, people are often happy to have meetings over Skype or similar programs. Recruitment needs to catch up with this – as a lot of current methods are off-putting to candidates and inefficient for employers.

Video Interviews – Good for Candidates

A lot of recruitment companies have really lost their way when it comes to the internet. Candidates often find that they must retype their CV into application forms, or arrange to take a day off for an interview on a weekday.

Conducting an interview by video levels the playing field. It’s something that can be done quickly at a time that suits both candidate and employer.

The fact that candidates are sitting at a computer during the interview is an added benefit. They can easily send any information a recruiter needs that is not covered by their CV.

Video Interviews – Good for Recruiters

The traditional recruitment process doesn’t always work for recruiters either. Overworked inhouse recruitment teams often find their time is not being used effectively. They may schedule a morning or full day of interviews to find that just one in four applicants actually turn up.

Video interviews allow a much more flexible approach to recruitment. One person can conduct the interview and record the video and then show it to the rest of the interview panel when it is convenient.

Asking for candidates to answer a few short questions via video is also a great way to get a feel for their personality and communication skills. This can help you whittle down a list of candidates with similar expertise. It’s a great way to hire people, instead of CVs.

Video interviews can also prove useful for reducing the time and money spent on the recruitment process. Yet, they may not be right for every role. Some recruiters will always feel that they can get a better sense of a candidate by meeting them in person.

Perhaps video interviews at the moment should be used for jobs where the applicant will be working remotely, or is quite a distance away at the time of interview.

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