Applicants love the Landed Platform

Applicants Love the Landed All-In-One Platform!

We’ve looked at the feedback from hundreds of jobseekers who have applied for a role using the Landed Platform.

Over the past six months 94% of candidates have given the Landed Platform a 5 star rating.

Here’s what they had to say:


Simple – Innovative – Streamlined


Candidates told us that the Landed Platform was “a welcome change from traditional applications”

‘Straightforward’ was by far the most common word applicants used to describe the software, but they also said it was “intuitive,” “refreshing” and “user-friendly”

“Very quick and easy” – Thomas

“The online application process was quick and simple, which I had no trouble completing” – Charlotte

“I found it very easy to use and navigate” – Mark



Applicants were impressed with the platform’s features.

They particularly praised the video interview feature. Although some are unsure about the experience, they all appreciate the value it brings – with one applicant even describing it as “quite fun to do!”

“I like this interview process, it kept me on my toes and allowed me to have a new experience that I can learn from and use to perform better in the future” – Bradley

“The webcam experience is a little nerve-wrecking, but I feel that it’s a great way for you to get to see me on a more personal level” – Victoria

“All in all, a creative yet effective experience of an online application process” – Andrew



Candidates found the application process to be “comprehensive”, “sleek” and “smooth” and were pleased that it did not take long to complete their application.

“The process was very professional and role-orientated” – Veselin

‘Simple and straight forward application and each part of the application gets to the point without wasting time!’ – Roisin

 “It would be great if all companies handled applications in such a streamlined way” – David


Just imagine what the Landed Platform could do for your employer brand and your company’s approach to recruitment.

The Platform can help you attract better applicants for roles and provide them with an excellent user experience.

You’ll soon find that smooth, uncomplicated recruiting is the beginning of building long-term, loyal relationships with your employees.

Candidates today want simple applications that they can fill in quickly online. Landed offers just that and also simplifies the screening process for recruiters.

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