Recruiting Remote Talent Made Easy

Recruiting Remote Talent – A Challenge for Both Employers and Candidates

Traditonally, seeking talent from farther afield involves lots of little inconveniences for both employers and candidates.

Companies usually have to contend with different time zones, admin challenges and maybe losing out on great talent because they cannot reasonably travel to a face to face interview.

Candidates also face similar challenges. These often involve frustrations about the time and resources it takes to travel to interviews. They find they need to take time off work, with no guarantee of a job at the end.

Recruiting Remote Talent – Solutions

Today’s recruitment technology has adapted to respond to the distance problem. There are now a range of tools that help recruiters find and communicate with talent remotely.

These include advanced candidate screening, the ability to conduct video interviews and job ads designed to accept applications via mobile devices.

These tools help recruiters cut down the number of candidates in the process that are unsuited to the role. This means that less candidates will be frustrated at travelling to a interview for a job they were never going to get.

Candidates who are some distance away – or who are particularly short on time – can be asked to conduct a live or recorded video interview. This allows employers to have a meaningful interaction with potential talent, rather than an exchange of emails.

Recruitment today must adapt to the use of mobile phones and tablets by candidates. Employers who do not provide the ability to accept applications via mobile devices can find themselves at a real disadvantage.

A busy, focussed, on-the-move candidate (the very type of person you are trying to attract!) may not have the time to retype their entire CV into your application form, but can easily send their CV and a quick cover letter from their phone while on the move.

Recruiting Remote Talent with Landed

Landed’s Talent Acquisition Software makes it easy to reach out to candidates that are a bit further afield.

With our multichannel approach to job ads, you can cast the net wider than ever to find the best talent.

Our Talent Pool Pipeline then helps you select the best candidates for the next stage of the process.

Using our Video Interview tool, you can then easily interact with and hire the best possible candidate for your role.

It’s that easy. Why not Download the Landed Brochure to find out more?