Fall in love with hiring again with Landed

A Guide to Recruiting Technology in 2018

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at what we love about hiring in 2018.
In our upcoming webinar, we’ll explore the latest tools that make recruitment so much easier and more effective.

Fall in Love with Hiring Again – Multichannel Recruitment

Recruiting these days is all about meeting candidates half way. You never know where the perfect candidate may come across your ad, so it’s good to cast the net as wide as possible.
Using multichannel recruitment you can reach out to potential candidates on social media, via email and SMS.
You can then track which channels works best for your company and for particular kinds of candidate and improve your recruiting strategy in the future.

Fall in Love with Hiring Again – Tools that Help Employers and Candidates

Automated recruitment technology can work wonders for recruiters.
Tools like the Landed platform can save a lot time and effort that would be spent on finding new candidates. This means you can dedicate more resources to candidates with the most potential.
Candidate screening is a particularly useful feature. This means that candidates must respond to a number of questions concerning essential criteria for a role. It’s a great way to remove unsuitable candidates from the process as soon as possible.
Video interviews is a good way to get to know candidates without the need to set up a face-to-face interview. This would be particularly appealing for candidates who may have to travel a long way to attend an interview in person.

Fall in Love with Hiring Again with Landed

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