Optimise for Mobile Devices

In the past few years, smartphones have really become the gateway to grabbing people’s attention.
People are spending less time browsing on desktops and increasingly use their smartphone for everything from ordering food and taxis, to compiling tax information and finding a date.
Smartphones are also increasingly used for job applications. However, not everyone in the recruitment industry is entirely up to speed on this development.
Here’s why it’s important that you optimise your job applications so that they work on mobile devices.

Optimise for Mobile – Attract More Attention

As candidates are applying for jobs via mobile devices more and more, you must offer this capability or lose out to your competitors.
Not only will a mobile-optimised site attract more interest from candidates who seek out the job, it will also appear higher in search rankings.
Once you have your site optimised for mobile, it’s important to test it out and test it out again to ensure that candidates have a good mobile experience. You also want the mobile end of your site to be integrated seamlessly with your desktop site.

Optimise for Mobile – Get More Prospects

It’s important to consider how you approach adapting your job applications for mobile.
You must remember that candidates looking at jobs on a mobile may not be willing to fill out a lengthy job application.
Tailor job applications for mobile use by making the experience as easy as possible.
Allow prospects to import information from their LinkedIn profile or to upload a CV with their details and job history.
If there is essential criteria that candidates must meet then it may be useful to include some boxes to tick before progressing with the application.
This approach can mean more candidates are motivated to complete their application. Some mobile users will not have the patience to tap out lengthy answers and list their job history with their thumbs.

Optimise for Mobile – Capitalise on Applicant Behaviour

Having a site optimised for mobile gives you more opportunities to draw potential talent to your roles.
Candidates interested in working in your industry may well be browsing the social media of relevant companies. They may also be checking out companies like yours on employer review sites like Indeed.
If these candidates find your profiles, you can easily push them to take the next step.
A simple link that allows applicants to express their interest within minutes will boost the number of overall applications.

Optimise for Mobile With Landed

Landed’s Hiring Software has all the features you need to optimise your job applications for mobile devices.
You can create easy-to-use forms that allow candidates to apply quickly via mobile. It’s simple to set up and provides all that you need to attract the best talent for your roles.
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